Artist Drowning is an alternative, indie rock band/person/project/thing from Boulder, Colorado. Fronted by guitarist-singer-songwriter Christopher S. Martin, Artist Drowning’s music is marked by a raw, visceral sound, with intense lyrics, loud amps and raucous drums.

Artist Drowning’s debut studio album, Driving Home In Reverse, released November 11, 2013, is an autobiographical journey portraying Chris’ struggle through two life-changing tragedies. First, the death of a close friend, who was killed in a freak train accident when they were nineteen. And again, fifteen years later when his mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The nineteen track double album follows Chris as he works through the pain and frustration of loss, and finds himself forced to come to terms with his own mortality.


Chris is joined on the album by Mike Gulizia (Albany Beef) on guitars/bass, and Michael Brien (Clumsy, The Clowns, Zane Grey) on drums.

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